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| sealed is our fate
written in stone?
free will requires
we make our own
| the journey of life
destination unknown
guided by our choices
a new world is grown
| struggling to make
the best decisions
we are guided only
by distant visions
Wishing you the best of visions,

Scott Arnold

Welcome to Scott Arnold's personal web site.


I have written my own view on the current political atmosphere in this country and what the problem is. You can read that here: American Decorum.


This web site is in need of a major cleanup and updated design. For the time being, I have removed direct links to all the old content in order to emphasize my only new content:

In the spirit of the Paris climate agreement, and in our small part of upholding America's moral authority and world leadership on environmental stewardship, Cari and I are officially launching our Paris Pledge.

Thank you for visiting!

Murphy and I

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