Alternative Fuel Vehicles

An Evolving Market

The content of this page is now very out of date (circa 2007 -- there have been a lot of changes in the alternative fuel market since then). I will leave it here as a reminder of where we came from. Originally meant to provide a listing of all alternative fuel vehicles available now or in the near future, this information is now best obtained by visiting

I also made a quick summary table of the low emission vehicle classifications.

The Future For Alternative Fuels, as seen in 2007

Energy supply security and environmental concerns place an ever increasing weight on the need to increase the use of alternative fuels and decrease the use of fossil fuels and coal. Large industry, including air travel, cannot easily convert away from using fossil fuels. It is therefore in public transportation where alternative fuels can first be used on a large scale. But what alternatives are there? And what is available today, or in the near future? This page takes a look at some of these questions.

To find more information on Alternative Fuel Vehicles, check out Uncle Mark's Alternative Fueling Station.

Electric Vehicles

Serious Contenders (2007)

Image Price Range Detail
Phoenix Motorcars vehicle ? Phoenix Motorcars - Although initially only building fleet vehicles, Phoenix Motorcars has plans to begin selling to the public, at least in California, as early as late 2007. With range projected at over 100 miles per charge at speeds as high as 95 MPH, and with battery life of an estimated 250,000 miles, the specs are highly promising. A full charge can be accomplished in 6 hours from a 220V outlet, or 10 minutes with a special fast charging system.
Telsa Motors Roadster $100,000 Tesla Motors - The Tesla Roadster is the first electric vehicle to really inspire the automotive enthusiast. It's a beautiful car whose body was designed by Lotus. It's capable of 0-60 MPH in 4 seconds, giving it supercar status, and has a range of 250 miles, more than any other electric vehicle. This one really takes the cake, but it's high price is a problem. Hopefully it's production numbers will increase and it's cost will drop as a result. Tesla also has plans to introduce another model with lower pricing and possibly more interior and/or storage room. Lets hope it keeps the spirit of the Roadster.

Not So Serious Contenders (2007)

Image Price Range Detail
Think City EV ? Think - Think is a Norwegian electric vehicle company that has been constantly struggling against bankruptcy. It's future is uncertain.
Myers NmG $24,900 Myers Motors - Myers has a possible conteder with it's NmG (shown at left). Although capable of speeds up to 70 MPH, it's tiny size, high price (for what you get), and extremely limited range of 30 miles will greatly limit it's appeal.
GEM vehicle $6,795 - $12,495 GEM - GEM cars look like modified golf carts and are limited to 25 MPH, a limit partially imposed by Federal Low-Speed Vehicle requirements. Given it's low speed and arguably horrific appearance, it's public appeal and usefulness are highly questionable.

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