Mustang Order Progress

2011 Mustang GT Premium Coupe, Manual, Kona Blue with Stone interior, Comfort Pkg, Spoiler Delete
Other dates of interest:
~12/15/2009: 2011 Mustang becomes our car of choice.
1/18/2010: Ford order banks open for 2011 Mustangs.
3/22/2010: 2011 Mustang production begins.
5/18/2010: Window sticker for our order becomes available.
Label Meaning
Ordered Order has been submitted to Ford. Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgement (DORA) has been issued.
Submitted to Plant A VIN has been assigned and the order has been submitted to the assembly plant.
Scheduled The assembly plant has scheduled a build date.
Locked In Build date is imminent. No more changes can be made to the order.
Bucked Assembly process has begun.
Produced Assembly process is complete.
Released Vehicle has been approved for shipping to the dealer.
Delivered To Dealer Vehicle has arrived at the dealership.
In Driveway Vehicle is purchased and in our possession.
~ When you see this before a date, it means the date is an estimate as the exact date is not known.
Last updated 7/6/2010