File Backup Utility


Product Name: CatBack

Most Recent Version: 1.4

Download: [CatBack for Windows (v1.4)] [CatBack for Mac (v1.1)] (v1.4 for Mac coming soon)

From version 1.2 and up, the Windows version now has an installer!

In case you want to read about it first: CatBack v1.4 User Guide

Release Notes

Version 1.4 released 8/1/13

Version 1.3 released 5/12/11

Version 1.2 released 6/12/10

Version 1.1 released 10/30/09

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 CR2 (Candidate Release 2)

Version 1.0 CR1 (Candidate Release 1)

Version 1.0 beta

screenshot of main window

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