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Tom's Hardware
An excellent hardware review site, with frequent reviews and daily news.

Sharky Extreme
Another good site with special features like weekly CPU and memory price trends.

A very professional site for hardware reviews.

A simple site for all the hackers out there.

    Where To Order Computer Books
Discount technical books. Go here first. Prices here are often significantly cheaper than elsewhere.

Barnes & Noble
Of course.
Another gimme. Note that Borders (and Waldenbooks) are teamed up with Amazon and make use of the Amazon website to sell their books, so I am not going to list them separately.

    Where To Order Computer Equipment

Each company on this list now includes a summary with ratings. The rating is out of 10 points, 10 being the best. Note that the rating does not reflect my view of the overall company, but rather how good of a company they are specifically for ordering computer equipment. I also include an approximate date of last purchase from said company so that you know how fresh my review is. (formerly
Summary: The good: The bad:
Axion Technologies Axion Technologies
Axion Technologies is no longer in business. Rest in peace, Axion.
Bunta Technologies Bunta Technologies International
Bunta Technologies is no longer in business. Rest in peace, BTI.
Summary: The good: The bad:
Summary: The good: The bad:
ProVantage Provantage
Summary: The good: The bad:

    Ratings, Prices, and Discounts

Daily eDeals
Mary's Coupons, Bargains & Deals
Get yer deals, right here! At these sites, you can find discount coupons for some of the online retailers. When ordering online, Stop by one of these sites first, and you might get yourself a good $10 to $50 dollars off your purchase. Cool!

Reseller Ratings
Can't find what you need at any of the above suggested sites? Just want to expand your horizons and give other companies a chance, but you have never heard of them before? Just want to see what other hardware companies are out there? Stop by Reseller Ratings! A nice site where people rate their buying experiences from various hardware resellers.

Price Watch
Could be better, but does a fair job of price comparison between different places.


Red Hat Linux - open source O/S

Apache Software Foundation - open source Web Server

MySQL - free relational database engine


Albino Black Sheep
A place to find tons of strange audio, flash, and video files. Wierd stuff. Some of it pretty funny though.

Odd Todd
Flash funnies from another unemployed computer guy. My hero. =P

Save Toby
Toby is a cute little bunny rabbit who may die.


Earth Communications Office
Home of those environmental short films that used to play at the beginning of movies in the theatres.

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