This is the future home of information on MyMo. MyMo is a Java application for managing movie information. In it's current state, it is driven largely by your movie ratings on the IMDB. At present, you can only add movies to a MyMo movie list by importing them from your IMDB movie rankings page. From there, you are allowed to set various attributes of each movie, such as fine tuning your rating (to a value other than a whole number), adding a comment, etc. You can then export the movie list in HTML format for display on your own web site.


A look at the main window with a movie set loaded. You can sort the list of movies by clicking on the heading of the column you wish to sort by. Some of the columns can be edited by clicking on the table cell you wish to edit.

Note: The SBIG columns allows you to mark movies that you consider to be "so bad it's good".

Main Application Window

You can change what columns are shown in the table by triggering a popup menu on the table headings.

Setting Active Columns

Triggering a popup on a movie row in the table gives you a menu where you can launch various website pages for the given movie.

Triggering Popup on Table Row

A look at what's in the main menu.

File Menu Tools Menu Help Menu

You can update your list of movies at any time by opening the IMDB Update window from the main menu.

IMDB Update Window

An update can take time. While an update is in progress, a progress bar will appear on the status bar of the main window.

Progress Bar

You can view history of changes to any movie in MyMo by opening the History window from the main menu.

History Window