Paris Pledge

by Scott and Cari

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Our Energy Statistics

Traditional Fossil Fuel Use

ItemPrior2017 BaselinePossible Future
Car 1Jeep Liberty, 16/22 MPGFord Escape Hybrid, 30/27 MPGTesla Model X
Car 2Ford Mustang, 17/26 MPG*Tesla Model S, 90/88 MPGeTesla Model 3
Riding MowerN/ATroyBilt Bronco (gas)Ryobi RM480e (electric)
String TrimmerN/ABlack & Decker (electric)?
HeatN/ANatural gas?
Hot WaterNatural gasHigh efficiency natural gas?

* Also had a Chevy Volt between the time of the Mustang and the Tesla, but the Tesla was already planned and my combined gas/electric MPGe on the Volt was pretty bad due to my unique driving needs, so I don't like to count it.

Rooftop Solar Production (2018-2019)

To be provided at a later date, and dependent on ARC approval and completion of installation.

Rooftop solar installation will most likely be using APSystems Microinverters. As such, rooftop solar production data will likely be provided through APSystems Energy Monitoring and Analysis (EMA) software.

Home Electricity Use (2018-2019)

To be provided at a later date. Note that we are skipping 2017-2018 statistics as most of our changes will not be dramatically noticable until the 2018-2019 period. However, we will update the 2018-2019 statistics on a month by month basis, making new statistics available as soon as possible.

Community Solar

Arcadia Power - Planned (November 2017)

Panels: Initially just 1 as a show of good faith, probably more to follow.

Baseline Home Electricity Use (2016-2017)

The baseline home energy use table gives a starting point to compare future efforts against.

How much does the electric car use?

We will need to take a closer look at this to get better data, but a rough estimate would be around 500 kWh per month based on our usage patterns. This estimate comes out to about 17 kWh per day on average.