Chevrolet Volt

There are 2 sides to me; the tech nerd and the gear head. This is the first car ever that really appeals to the tech nerd without offending the gear head. Back in 2010, I was interested in the Volt, but it wasn't available in the midwest. So I bought a Mustang. Starting this year, the Volt is available nation-wide. And all the necessary pieces fell into place.

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Front passenger side Despite being a car that gets good gas mileage and has four doors, I actually think this car looks good.
Charging The Volt is advertised as being able to travel 25 to 50 miles on batteries. I will report on my own findings in the near future.
Interior - Black w/ Red Spice Accents Is this just too much coolness for a hybrid car? Not if you plan on trying to sell one to me.
Instrument Cluster and Center Stack The is the first time ever that having an automatic doesn't bother me.
From the back Nice looking tail lights. This car is a hatchback, which is actually something I really like. But it doesn't really look like a hatchback, with is also something I really like. Note how you can see me and the Jeep in the reflection.

Last Updated 3/25/2012 by Scott Arnold