List of all of the features and options on my Cadillac Seville STS along with the current status of each system as of 9/14/2005.

  • O = System operating normally.
  • ? = System status unknown.
  • X = System damaged or inoperable.
  • R = System recently repaired (and operating normally).

O 4/21/2005 Engine - 4.6L DOHC Northstar V8 (the engine is considered operating normally if the Check Engine light is off)
R 7/6/2005 Exterior Lighting - All exterior lights, including fog lights and third brake light
O 4/21/2005 Interior Lighting - All interior lights, including dash illumination, vanity lights on visors, trunk light, etc.
R 9/14/2005 Climate Control Systems - heating and air conditioning
O 4/21/2005 Automatic Climate Control - driver sets desired temperature, climate control does the rest.
? 4/21/2005 Defrost Systems - defrost on rear window and side-view mirrors
O 4/21/2005 Cruise Control - set, accel, decel, resume, etc.
O 4/21/2005 Bose Audio System - radio, CD-changer, and speakers.
O 4/21/2005 Seat Warmers - for driver and passenger seat.
O 4/21/2005 Power Windows - all window rockers and window lock
O 4/21/2005 Power Door Locks - automatic locking/unlocking functions
O 4/21/2005 Power Seats - fully adjustable power driver and passenger seats
O 4/21/2005 Seat and Mirror Memory - seats and side-view mirrors move to preset positions for up to 2 drivers.
O 4/21/2005 Power Moonroof - can slide back into roof, or pop up; has cover that can slide back into roof.
O 4/21/2005 Parking Brake - parking brake with automatic release (when shifted into drive or reverse).
O 7/6/2005 Rain-Sense Wipers - adjustable rain-sense wiper mode that varies speed of intermittent wipers based on amount of rainfall
? 4/21/2005 Automatic Headlight Control - can set system to automatically turn on headlights when dark outside.
O 4/21/2005 Info Systems - In-dash display of Avg. MPG, Instant MPG, Range, etc.
? 4/21/2005 Valet Mode - Can disable access to trunk and a few other areas of car when using valet services.
O 4/21/2005 Security System - factory security system that honks horn and blinks lights when unauthorized access detected
? 4/21/2005 Lighters and Power Outlets - one in front, three in back (none tested yet)
O 4/21/2005 Keychain Remotes - lock, unlock, trunk open, and fuel door release.
O 4/21/2005 Rear View Mirror - auto-dimming, with built in digital compass.
O 4/21/2005 Power Trunk Close - power latch pulls truck shut tight