Tesla Order Progress

2014 Tesla Model S P85
Why a Tesla?

The vehicle is worth the cost. Not just because it is a fantastic car, which it is, but because it helps support Tesla who is leading the effort to advance the frontier of transportation in a way that will be an improvement for all mankind. For the improved driving experience, for the lower emissions, for the sustainability, for advanced features like auto pilot, and for driving the technologies and driving down the costs of those technologies. It sounds kind of touchy feely pie in the sky, but it's the truth. Not everyone feels that way right now, but I believe history will remember it that way. For the sake of the future of mankind, I will be supporting the movement, and of course I get to enjoy one awesome ride!

Dates of interest:
~5/29/2012: Tesla officially becomes Awesome and begins manfacturing of the Model S.
4/2/2013: Tesla announces industry-first financing options with Wells Fargo and US Bank.
5/30/2013: Tesla releases information on their 3 year plan to roll out advanced Superchargers across 98% of the United States.
6/20/2013: Tesla demonstrates battery swap capability; swap takes 90 seconds.
6/12/2014: Tesla open sources all of it's patents.
9/4/2014: Gigafactory site announced.
10/10/2014: Tesla begins production of all wheel drive models.
4/24/2015: Tesla Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) web site goes live.
9/11/2015: Columbia, MO Supercharger opened. This completed the I-70 route.
9/29/2015: Tesla Model X officially begins deliveries.
3/31/2016: Tesla unveils the Model 3 (less expensive model starting at $35K)
Label Target Date Meaning
Expenses Ramp Down / Debt Payoff 11/1/2015 This milestone represents paying off certain debts and reducing certain expenses, greatly boosting cash flow.
Capital Savings 1/1/2016 This milestone represents achieving savings target in our Tesla savings account.
Volt Payoff 2/15/2016 This milestone represents paying off the Volt lein.
Volt Title 3/1/2016 This milestone represents getting all the Volt payoff paperwork done and lein off the title.
Volt Sale 3/22/2016 This milestone represents getting the Volt sold.
Model S Selected 4/15/2016 This milestone represents finding a Model S that meets our preferences and getting it secured for our purchase.
In Driveway 5/15/2016 Vehicle is purchased and in our possession.
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